Sunday, August 01, 2010

How should one react.

It's currently 8.41pm, and it's gonna be 9 soon yet there's still not a single message or call. Even if there is i don't give a damn about it alright, i found out something in facebook and i'm so upset now. Disgusted, shock, upset and hurt. But not as much as the past, maybe i'm used to it already. How am i suppose to face you? Question you about that girl? Ignored everything? Pretend that i never know this? Continue the way we are? What more can i do? We're just friends, nothing more then that.

Maybe we shouldn't text or call each other anymore. It's for the best. But how could it be for the best when it actual hurts so much. Or should i just follow the flow. I shouldn't over do things because it only will turn out badly. And it will only ruin every single thing that what we are now. But how do you expect one to pretend nothing happen when it does so much. Even if it is possible, it's probably a fake alright. Anyone can fake a smile, fake a laugh and fake a knowledge. But how long can they fake it?

Part of me really wishes to question you about it but the other part of me seriously don't wanna talk about it and really piss. And wanted to treat you coldly. But another part of me still loves you. And don't know what to do at all. I'm afraid that you're think i'm over-protactive again and all those crap... I shall just end it here. Wish me luck.

P/S I still love you, ah tan

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