Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 4

Day 4, was a really tiring day as we slept at 3am last night. Due to somebody. Woke up slightly later, shower and pack stuff. Then went down for breakfast. As usually, breakfast was really great ^^ ! Heehee, start my day good with a godd meal (: . After that went back hotel to slack awhile since we're early. Soon, went to lobby to gather with the others.

Today we will be going to see how kites are made. Was really amazed by the kite, it's huge and really nice and unique (: . The kite maker was really skillful too. He grow his own bamboo to make the kite and it takes alot of patient too, i guess. You got to measure and balance the kite. Not only that but have to make sure that it's not too heavy too. The onle man showed us how the kite is made and got some of us to try out.

After that we took a group photo and set off to the next place. Okay, the photos above are misplaced. I was supposed to upload the painting one first but i uploaded the lunch one. Anyway, after the kite making, we went for lunch at a local resturant. The food was okay, i kinda like the rice and the fried thingy? Idk what's that call . Anyway, lunch was okay.

After that we went to see the painting. It was beautifully done. Think those ladies are really great, can't imagine if they paint the wrong color. Wouldn't that like ruin the whole cloth. I guess it took them some time to be such good painters (: . Was really amazed by the art work .

After that we went shopping, bought the same tank top as Yuuchi and bought a wallet for papa ^^ . After that went to Gaint to get tibits for tonight and tomorrow ! Dinner at hotel was awesome but it's too MEATY ! Not my liking . Back to hotel room, camwhore with Yuuchi ^^ !

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