Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 5

Okay, if i happen to post this already and some of you happen to read it. You may find it weird as i am posting the last day of the Kelantan trip first. But don't worry because i will be posting day 5, 4, 3,2 then 1 ! :$ . Enjoy the photos ^^ !

Trip back to Singapore. Hoho, finally it is the 5th day of the trip and it's time to go back home alr ^^ . Woke up rather early, 0630, as we will be checking out at around 8 . So had to get ready and go down for breakfast at 7 . After i had my shower, i quickly pack my stuff, after i finish packing and was about to lock my luggage, i couldn't find my lock. Damnit, was already in a bad mood in the morning and now this. Tsk, so search for the lock . After i found it, i forgotten where i put my keys. So i got really pissed but not long i found the keys. Epic fail .

After that, go check on the boys if they're up alr and of course....they're still sleeping ! And their room doors are not shut . LOL, didn't bother. So went down to have breakfast with Yuuchi . Eat pretty much, the breakfast there pretty not bad alright ^^ . Then after that went to the lobby to wait for the others. There's a number of people that's late.. So while waiting, i did my rubik's cube. Amsyar taught me how to get the top cross and full top, (: . It didn't take me long to do learn how to . Heehee, trying my best not to use my phone as i will be on the bus for the whole day and i wanna save batt till i reached SG .

Soon we all board the buss and set off . For the first two hours, everybody was sleeping on the bus. To be honest, i could hardly sleep properly. So i just close my eye and try to sleep for the next two hours. After that two hours, i decided to wake up. So camwhore alittle as there's NOTHING to do ): . Yuuchi sleeping, the two guys behind me is sleeping too. ): So i've got nothing but my camera :D .

Soon, Yuuchi woke up alr, so camwhore together :$ . After that we stop for lunch at some weird place. KFC for lunch = eating fats and oil ! OMGOSH . Cross my heart and wish to die ! Anyway, just eat lah. LOL ! After lunch went to the shops, i went to 7-11 to get bubblegums (: . Soon, got back to bus. The journey was really long. There's nothing to do, like nothing ! Eat tibits, talk talk abit and sing song . LOL !

We had a few stops, toilet breaks. At around 6, i had grastric pain, damn uncomfortable one ): . Then at 11 we reach SG check point. Like F.I.N.A.L.L.Y ! The whole bus ride was more then 10 hours please ! This is mad ~ . Pa, ma and uncle waited for me at Lakeside . Reached home at 12. Shower and ate alittle . After that slept at 1 . Tired max, really.

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