Sunday, July 03, 2011


Last Saturday went to SIWF, Singapore International Water feast. Woke up early in the morning, prepare and went to jurong point to meet the sec 3 girls for breakfast at Macdonals ^^ . Bought the hotcake meal ^^ ! Yummy (Y) . After that went to fair price extra to get redbull & some food to eat later in the afternoon (: . Spent about 2plus each (: . 6 of us :D .

After that took MRT back to lakeside and met up with some of the boys and our juniors. So we walk to ycss, one whole group of us walk in together, haha :D . Like a cool .__. . After that rush to toilet as we wanna P-E-E . Heehee, snatch for toilet ! Re-tied my hair in to high pony tail as my fringe got caught. DAMNIT :@, seriously, it's freaking short already, pin what?! @#$%^&* D: .

Slept in the bus, nothing to do and worst, i forgot to bring my ear piece ): ! Didn't really sleep lah, close eye only, cause kinda sleepy .__. . Soon we reach already, got the nevous but excited feeling ^^ . Reached there, settling down and all chiong take coca cola to drink -.- .I shared with Farha as i couldn't finish it and i don't really like coca cola >.> .

After that played murderer with girls team, at the start kinda fail cause most of them like don't know how play then we explain they don't understand. Like we talking alien language .. Ahem. Soon, they got the game and started to play. Not very fun though. Prefer playing with KY they all, during last year's chalet. (:

Around 12 plus, we went to drink the redbull that we bought and ate some biscuits too ^^ ! Some of the seniors came to support as too . Wish they were still here with us, rowing together and winning together . Miss them much . Then had a talk with the girls too. We, sec 3 seniors, cried our hearts out . We really wanna win.

Soon, the C division girl's race had been called and they have to go gather. Before we went to support them, we quickly change to our slippers. Then waited for their race to start, we like so anxious and nervous >< ! Before their race start, we had to gather for our event already. And we're kinda late too >< . Then after that we watch them from a far distance. And...they came in FIRST (Y) . Really proud of them (: . Soon, it was our turn to race. Me and Jingfand was the pacer for the 10 men crew boat, and when we're rowing to the start point. i was so nervous, i don't wanna let the team down and i had the best rower beside me. So i told myself that i have to give my all. We took some time to aline the boat, which is damn suck one lah. Soon..the race started. Everybody was putting their all. And, we came in first. Really proud of the girls that's in that boat . REALLY WANNA THANK ALL OF YOU .

Then we waited till the prize presentation. And here's the result.
C'division boys - 3rd
B'division boys - 2nd
C'division girls - 1st
B'division girls - 1st

Congrats to YCDB (Y) !
After that went to pizza hut for dinner with some of the girls ^^ !


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