Thursday, November 24, 2011

Free yourself


OKAY, I know I look really awfully but I don't care (: . I think it's kinda funny. Anyway, I just finish doing 1000 jumps ropes and I'm cooling down now before I go shower.

Feel really great this morning, my mood was alright. I just feel that, it doesn't matter what had happen. It really doesn't and you shouldn't let it affect you at all. Because it'll be better again, sooner or later it will. You just got to believe it and stay strong .

It's only morning right now, I still have yet to survive the other half of the day. Wonder what I'll be doing later, tidy the house? Well, I guess not. Papa's home, not very convenience. Maybe just my room.

Then, later I'll be doing a blog post about my iPhone photography apps. Well? I have like four folders. Yeah, it's alot, I know I know (: . And maybe my this month buys ^_^ ! Hopefully I'll not be lazyyyyyyy !

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Xoxo Jay

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