Friday, February 24, 2012

Sometimes words don't work. Sometimes hearts are vacant. Sometimes skulls are thick.

Sigh, sigh, sigh. 
I have nothing to talk about since the only thing I'm putting my all is my studies right now. I hardly go out as often, and I'm trying my best not to buy any clothes or do any shopping. I guess I spent most of my money on transport, food and pampering myself (Facial&Hair Treatment). So envy whenever, my friend order clothes from the Taiwan Spree that my mummy does. I want to shop so badly but I know I shouldn't, have not seen the Spree website for so long already, the other day I almost bought a Mango top and a Black top from Flea. Obviously, I didn't. Need to save some money again, probably going to get new assessment to do. Finally bought my Vampire Diaries Novel, after like ages, resulting me, re-reading them over again. It's okay, I'm done with the first and second book already. There's so many books waiting for me to tear apart the plastic and read them. After that I'll probably go to the library to hunt the books down, since I couldn't find the second book at Page One. Since now I've got my IC, I can use it to borrow books, don't need to get a library card. The plastic thingy came off then can't use, urgh -____-.  

Can't wait for March Holiday to come, could use a short break right now. But before that, there's still test going on next week, suppose to have finish all the test by this week but the sad fact is, there's test next week. Anyway, I'll be having Chemistry and Physic common test on the coming Monday. Going to study hard and As my Science. Really need to revise on last year work, why physic cannot test on Current of Electricity & D.C Circuits only. Y U NO GIVE CHANCE, TEACHER. >>; Why must test on last year topic, Refraction. Really need to revise, drill&drill on that topic, pretty week in that. As for chemistry, my only worry is the calculation thing (mole= Mass/Mr), balance equation(Halogens/Alkali) and Metals. Really need to study hard for this test, outdo myself. Tuesday, there'll be Math Test, Vectors. Yes, I passed my AFL on vectors, 10/15. Not much confident on the up-coming test though. Oh well, what's there to do other than drilling myself with questions. (: Anyway, if any of my dearest classmate happen to be reading my blog, hope you'll study well and don't ever give up alright. OUTDO YOURSELF! 

Other then that, I'm planning what to do and focus on during the March holiday, better spend it wisely. Must not play and play, must revise my work also and make sure I have enough rest. Make it a enjoyable and productive holiday. Hopefully nothing will ruin it. Wonder if there'll be how many training during this 1 week holiday. Some say, that the Saturday training will be starting soon. Wonder when will we have training at Kallang, probably looking forward to the prata shop but very fattening. Maybe I'll just go home straight, get some Mr Bean at Jurong East Mrt Station. Or I'll see how hungry I am VS how much I need to go home and have a shower&nap. SHOWER&NAP most important. Lagi best is, after training got people buy lunch and wait for me at MRT. So sweet! (((: I must be mad, I'm typing whatever I'm thinking right now. Hope you wouldn't mind but hear me out and FORMSPRING me! I'm so please whenever someone formsrping me, keeping the question, talking or anything coming in! I'm in a pretty good mood tonight despite the fact there isn't a new episode of Vampire Diaries. Probably because of X-country. Oh well, suppose to be resting early tonight but it's already 2322. 

Tomorrow. Complete homework. Piano lesson, 1515.  Revise science. That's quite my Saturday.
Sunday. R.E.V.I.S.E. S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Enjoy my Sunday as well. 
Monday. Physic common test. Chemistry common test. Math remedial. Wish me Luck! 
Tuesday. Two sweethearts' Birthday. Math test. Training.  

Well, shall update the rest soon. Goodbye.

Time-check: 2330


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