Sunday, February 26, 2012


The other day, a anonymous ask me about a few questions on the above title.
1. Difference between Leggings and Stockings
2. Why do girls wear them.
3. Where to get them.

So, I've decided to just do a blog post about it, hopefully that anonymous will be reading because this post is specially for you and to anyone else that's reading! (:

Leggings are more thick compared to Stockings as it's material is cotton whereas Stocking is made of nylon. Actually I'm not very sure but stockings are much more transparency and it's not thick at all. Leggings are much more easier to put on. As for stocking, it's like leggings including a pair of socks as it cover your foot fully too. 

I assume girls wear stockings/leggings as a fashion statement, so the outfit wouldn't look boring. Some wear them to keep their legs warm, or have a illusion of having a leaner leg, or hide their leg hairs. That's all I can think of. 

I got my leggings for free actually, I think you can find leggings/stocking very easily. Most shopping malls will have at least a shop selling it. Anyway, I have a brand new stocking that I have not open yet. Thinking if I should give it away. I've yet to decide though, afraid that no one will want it. 

That's quite about it, there's photos at the bottom of this post. 
See for yourself, xoxo.

Please excuse my fat looking thighs. 

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