Sunday, July 29, 2012


 Last week my Ahyi came back to Singapore for a short holiday and last Saturday with had a gathering, only made it for the dinner as I went for the dialogue in the dark and a short studying with my friends. Anyway, we went to Lao Ba Sa for dinner, it was a really filling dinner as they ordered too much food! Sorry, didn't manage to capture all the food only manage to get these. 

 After eating we to play with the kids, all so cute and adorable, can't resist at all! ^_^
 LOVE HER THE MOST, SHE'S LIKE SUPER ADORABLE! JUST WANT TO HUG HER AND NOT LIKE GO! Even ask her mummy if I can bring her home, why I no have younger sister.... So I spent most of the time playing with her at vivo city after that.

First shot, smile!
 Second shot, rage.

Third shot, sad.

 Went to Vivo city to watch the fireworks by the USS. 
And we acutally got lost and separated from the adults.... 

 So while waiting for them, decided to take photos with them.
Linda ahyi's youngest daughter.
 Sharon ahyi's Son, really miss him a lot, remember how we used to play when we were really young and how shy he is! Now he's all grown up already and still good looking but he really should cut his hair! Can't wait to see him again. 
 Their HongKong Neighbour that came with them for a holiday. heheh
 After that while the adults were all chit chatting and finally got to see my little girl so I started to play with her! It was filled with laughter and I really like her a lot! I think she likes me too, hehehe. Ending this post with a photo of me and her! 


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