Sunday, July 29, 2012

See the world differently


Was really glad that I did went for it when my friend ask me, it was really worth it as it was a really good experience and I learn that we should not take things for granted in life. For example, if you have a pair of eye, see the world in a different way and don't complain about what you don't want to see but appreciate that you are able to see the world as not everyone are born with sight. Be grateful of every meal that you eat, because there might be someone in the other end of the world that's suffering from starvation. This are some of the things we take advantage of nowadays and people don't really know how to appreciate the things they have in life. Even for me, I do take advantage of what I have and sometimes, I asked for more because enough is never gonna be enough.

Dialogue in the Dark is located at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, block 5, first tour starts at 0900 and the last tour at 1700. You are able to go to the website to do Saturday bookings too. The duration is 1hour and the tour size is about 8 people per tour. The pricing, Adults: $20, Students(Suitable for 9 years and above): $12 and Family combo (2A&2C): $60 

Before the tour start we had to surrender all of our electronic device that will produce light and were told to kept it in the locker. Then we had a briefing on how to use the 'stick', soon the tour begin, we were all standing in single profile, there were seven of us plus out tour guide, Elaine. It was really complete darkness, I was super scare because I totally can't see anything but darkness. I remember I kept calling out to Yuuchi to ensure that she's at a near distance from me. It was definitely a cool experience. Not going to tell you what I went through during the tour but really you guys should go and experience it yourself! You can also ask your family to bring you there for dining in the dark! 

Some of the stuff I bought, cost me about 5bucks. (:

It is also available all around the world!
-Germany (Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich)
-USA (Atlanta)
-Japan (Tokyo)
China (HongKong)

Only photo taken, with Yuuchi!


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