Monday, February 25, 2013


27TH JAN 2013

Trip to town for ABTM 2 and shopping with Sirong and her brother.
Movie was at 1120H and by the time we meet at the bus stop it's already 1030 so we were afraid that we wouldn't make it on time so we took a cab down and reach slightly too early. 

Went to collect the ticket then bought some snacks to munch on, I got myself popcorn chicken while they bought popcorn. ABTM 2 was really awesome and full of humor although I almost cried at the last scene cause it was pretty touching. 

After that we walk to FEP to shop for foot wear, both me and Sirong got something there. Got a heels for 15S$, so much cheaper than my H&M one. Sadly my new heels ain't very comfortable.

We had Subway for lunch, very late lunch and expensive but nice and full, for me only. Cause after that both of them went to buy something else to eat. Took a long bus ride home.

Outfit Of The Day, knitted top from H&M and tribal shorts from HongKong. 
Long Champ bag, navy.

YAY, collected the movie ticket, weekend movie freaking expensive.

Chili sauce on popcorn chicken, mad love.
Both of them see me eat chili like I'm insane cause I kept adding chili sauce. 

Xuanxian's candid shot and outfit of the day.

BFF and me, feel awfully short. *pouts*

Sirong's outfit of the day and her eating her Japanese chawanmushi.


Of course there's my Canon G12 in the bag too.

That's all for tonight.
I'm still preparing my WIMW II post, stay tune.

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