Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New in Wardrobe part 1

What's new in my wardrobe!

I'm back for another post as you can see from the previous, sneak peek, today's blog post is about clothes and bags! 

Black tube top (H&M, S$7.90) and maroon pants with heart shapes (HongKong, HK$200)

Skull sling bag (HongKong, HK$1OO)

Playsuit (Malaysia, forgot price already) and L.O.V.E white tee (Jurong Point, S$15)

Tribal top and mini skirt (Both from H&M, S$15 & S$20)
Skull clutch (Thepoppyshop Haha (FB), S$12)

Knitted top (H&M, S$15) and Spike shorts (HK, forger price but it's cheap)

Skull tank (H&M, forgotten if I bought it on sales or original price.) and Spike Shorts

Button down top (HongKong, HK$60)

That's all for today!
New in Wardrobe part 2 sneak peek! :)

Sorry for low quality photo cause my camera went out of battery half way so I have to use phone.


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