Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's the 28th of February tomorrow

So, just I was thinking that what I should talk about tonight, all kinds of thought came to me. Wanted to talk about something about public transport, my texting rule, twitter rants, what I feel about school when it starts and ect. Well, all those can wait I guess.

Releasing that tomorrow will be the 28th of February already, the second month of 2013 is already coming to an end, can't imagine when school starts how fast time will get. February hasn't been all good at all, or should say this year hasn't been all good for me, so far. But, I guess that's ok. Anyway, 28th February is a important day as it's where both my best friend are born. Really appreciate having both of them in my life, one I've know since  I was a kid. Lost her once when we moved on to primary school, so glad to have her back in my life and we're definitely closer than ever. The other I knew when my secondary school life begins, although we had a cool war before but after we're cool and close. I don't know what my secondary school life will turn out without her in it. Also, very thankful to the two guys that brought as to reunite(B)/together(Y). 

28th of February is also another very memorable day, I remember the happening of that day so clearly even though it was like a year ago already. It was on a Tuesday, school ended but I had remedial classes and training after that. During lunch break, or was it after, anyway, Y told me that W asked for my number and she told him to ask me himself.So of course, I got all excited. Waited for remedial to end and meet W at the forum as we'll walk to Jurong lake together. So during the walk, we were so shy,then he started to do this hand signs (his way of asking my number), isn't it adorable and special. caught me by surprise. Well, me being a badass purposely act blur and say "huh, what you doing? I don't understand. Again again!!!" He got so embarrass and just kept quite and kept walking till we reach. Then training starts, before we know training has end and as we gather outside, I quickly tell him my number because I saw my mummy's car waiting for me already. Well, he can't remember it and I have no pen to write on his hand. So when I got home from dinner and showered. I went to twitter and quickly follow him and waited for him to send me a follow request, Accepted and indirect message him my number. 

Then we started texting everyday and almost every night he'll want to give me a call and listen to my voice
No words can express how much I miss those days. Everything was so different now. If I could, I would do it all again, I'll do it right this time round.

Alright, I should stop over here. 
I can already feel tears brimming in my eyes.

Looking forward to tomorrow, finally having a outing/celebration with both of my favourite girls.

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