Saturday, March 16, 2013


As you can see from the title of the blog post, today I'll be talking about the word "flirting". Let's just begin with the pure definition of the above word from the dictionary. 
 "1. to court triflingly (unimportant) or act amorously (relating to sexual desire) without serious intentions; play at love; coquet." 

 Next, the different definition of flirting people think or assume what the words means. 
1. Talking with a lot of males/females. 
2. When you're in a relationship it means strictly no talking to any opposite sex. 
3. Being around with opposite sex all the time/most of the time. 
4. Talking to opposite sex that are attached already. 
5. Being too nice/friendly. I guess that is some definition that people think/assume flirting means. Again I do believe that it depends on every individual as they have their own opinion of things. Usually people would accuse someone to be flirting or to be at the wrong to be talking to opposite sex when they're in a relationship because of pure envy. 

 First and for most people should all have a basic understanding of what is being nice and being overly nice to the extend of praising someone for almost anything or sweet talking or teasing. Secondly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with talking to a opposite sex about anything excluding things that are too mushy. Thirdly, by hanging out with a guy friend, that he/she known for at least three years or more, most of the time does not make he/she a flirt. Shall I repeat? IT DOES NOT MAKE HE/SHE A FLIRT. Fourth, who the hell says that when someone is in a relationship they are not allowed at all to talk to opposite sex? If you know what is not crossing over the line it is absolutely fine. Some people are just so narrow minded. We are humans, we need to interact with people. It doesn't mean that you're attached are all interaction with other people are cut. Fifth, the fact that he/she is actually single does not give them any rights to say to every single opposite sex they communicate with that he/she love them very much and miss them the minute they have ended their conversation. When you say such stuff with zero intention and said it just to play some one's feeling. Sixth, please do not judge a book by it's cover, haven't you heard it before. Just because a boy and a girl are so close to the extend that they could be sweet talking, although one of them is in a relationship already, you don't freaking assume that something is going on between them just like that and is it even your problem in the first place. We humans have so much to worry about already and yet you are wasting your own time making unnecessary fuss about such issues. Unless you're one of their girl/boyfriend, but if you're not just leave them the hell alone.

Someone supported me to do a post like this so I gave it a try and this is just my opinion yup.
And again, we're all humans, we have feelings, we're not perfect, sometimes we even say things we don't mean just to comfort or make ourselves feel better. We're individual, we have different thinking. But let's admit it, none of us like to be accuse for something that we're not. So, if you don't like someone being like that, you make sure you yourself will never be what you dislike. 

Don't start a fire and burn yourself.  

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