Tuesday, March 12, 2013


YAY, it ain't no Monday Blues for both me and B since we're not schooling yet and we both ain't working on that day. Spend my Monday with the best friend, went to clementi first to do some financial stuff then headed to town. Was so hungry since I step out of house despite the fact that I did ate my breakfast about 2 hour ago since I meet her at 10.30. So reached Cine and went to Xing Wang for lunch. Ordered fried rice since I can't decide what to eat. Then walk around at cine and Scape since B wanna look for Skateboard, I'm not very supportive of her getting one but since she's interested and I would really wanna see her skate I thinks it's pretty cool hahaha xD 

After that we decided to hear to Marina Bay and act like some tourist. The walk from the mrt to the Marina Bay shopping mall it's so near yet so far since the weather is so freaking hot. The Sun have no mercy at all.After that we settle down and took a few photo, well I'm the photographer and B is my model and I think we both did I pretty not that bad job hahaha xD Was pretty awkward though since there's other tourist there also. We also had to look for a shaded area because of the Sun, hais! 

After that we walk all the way to Marina Square and went to have ice cream at Macdonalds, I tried the Blueberry Sundae is was so so so sweet! Maybe because I'm too thirsty and ice cream might make it worst since it's so sweet but still nice ah but very sweet. Then we headed home already.

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