Saturday, March 23, 2013

Short update by the lazy girl.

Shall do a quick update on last week.
Keep fit Wednesday with the best friend, off to Jurong west stadium for swimming.
Swam for about 10 laps only, because I reach there late and N have to reach home by 12.

On the way home, on the bus, was so tired don't know why since only swim 10 laps.
Quickly reach home, settle down and start to prepare lunch before sister reach home.

 Decided to try baking salmon, didn't prepare much. Just slice the salmon and apply butter on the salmon and put in the oven. Unfortunately, the salmon was over cooked because I'm afraid that it will not be cooked enough so I leave it inside slightly longer.

Close up look, the white thingy is the butter I think.. Ok, I'm not very sure actually.


Went for piano lesson.
Went back to Yuanching for speech day as I was invited since I was one of the top students.
Was sweating madly in the hall. The fan like totally useless and the sun had no freaking mercy at all. Was hoping that it'll end quickly. After speech day, went for lunch with ex-classmates. Hais really miss them a lot. After that went to Mcdonalds with the bestfriend and Ahbao and catch up allitte on school stuff and other stuff.
Saturday went for a swim with the best friend again, exercising for the second time of the week, proud of myself *claps* Unlike on Wednesday, I reached super early because I'm afraid I'll be late again. So I ended up walking around at sports link (I think), and I came across swimsuit and thinking whether to get a new one for myself. I always wanted a one piece swimsuit so I'm considering whether to invest on one. But I'll probably get it during June since starting school soon, don't know got time go swim not too.

On the train, on my way to pioneer and look what I saw. Fellow ex-schoolmates completing their 3 km walk.
After the swim, we went to Jurong point for mcdonalds breakfast. Then had Yogurt and went to walk around Jurong point. Went to all the sport shops to take a look at some stuff. 

Bought muffins for sister and headed home already.

Went to town with the bestfriend, since her holiday started already and it's the only day she can spend some time with me and she wanted to go shopping. 
What I wear that day, meow.

Went to Scape for the flea market!!!!! The weather is amazingly hot, that's why I had my hair all tied up.

Decided to rest awhile at scape and of course what's a day out with my best friend without taking photos! Ignore my ugly pimple.........

This little boy damn cute, suddenly say wanna take photo with us and he kept coming closer and closer to me. OMG!!!!! Shy already.......

After that went to the flea upstairs, was really tired that day and to make it worst I was carrying this super heavy drink throughout the shopping.... That explains why I guess. After that we went to mcdonalds for a drink and snack. Well, I didn't eat of course. 

That's quite about it already! :D 

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