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HIHIHI, so I decided to start blogging again since I'm having my three weeks holiday. So erm my post will not be in any order by dates or what. It'll just be by random and you'll see most of the photos in my blog post will be collage since there's too many photos already! 

I decided to talk about my new education journey!
New School
New Friends
New Environment 

First Day of FOP (Freshmen Orientation Program) /Ice Break

First day of "school" wasn't as bad as I thought, putting aside the get to know each other and the boring games. I have to admit that I kinda like my classmates, and that we bonded rather fast and so so so relieved that I managed to make friends with them. Um, clicked rather well with the girls in my class, we even like have conversation where we'll rant about our height and stuff! 

First Day of FOP was horribly long and dreading. We had to go stations to stations to play game/complete the games. And every station we had to wait for other class to complete it. Sighpie. And I swear the signal at our school suck on that day, I dont even know why. Anyway that's beside the point. Then at around I forgot what time we are RELEASED!!! Took a group photo with the class and our leaders then I was supposed to stay alittle longer to get the class contacts so we could create a Whatsapp group but I had to rush to meet my impatient bf which is already waiting for me at the mrt station. Oh well, I cant wait to see him too after such a long and tiring day at school.

So thankful that he actually came to fetch me and have dinner together and just like that my day was complete!

Second Day of FOP, meet the principal and Buffet Lunch.
So we decided to meet the class at dover mrt station and head to school together. And it turns out that some of us came late and we ended up being late together. When we reached, our class queue is like so empty hahahaha after that we went to I forgotten where to watch some performance and hear some talk about the program we're in. THEN the moment we're all waiting for, stomach growling, BUFFET LUNCH WEEEHEEE  :D Then we had mess photo taking session, our class really need to maintain! We're always taking photos, omg I can't even hahahaha

Third Day of FOP Program, SPICE training, meeting of CherLee and buddy. 
IT WAS SO BORING. So I'll skip all the little details of what happen. I'll move on to the plans I had with my little ponies! We decided to go for the FREE CONE DAY @ B&J, the one at vivo! So we trained down together and when we reached, the queue is not even a joke man.... it's like a infinite sign.
So at first I was like "huh......can we not queue already, the queue it's so long oh my tian" AND my classmates are like "aiya already here! Come let's queue it wouldn't take that long one lah!" So we ended up queuing lor, and it only took about 30 minutes, not that bad since I'm like with my crazy classmates. We did lots of chit chatting and blah blah. Before we knew it, it's our turn to take our free cone! YEAH BABY YEAH! Then we went to sky park to enjoy our heavenly awesome and delicious free cone! 

Fourth Day of FOP, FlagDay.
Flag was rather boring cause it's on a weekday and early in the morning where people are like rushing to work. Aint nobody got time for us! As for me and the people that did flag day together, we didnt quiet manage to collect much amount. We ended up lepaking at west coast park. Watching ridiculously funny videos on youtube at mcdonalds! 

Some of the many photos we took in school
See what I mean about us camwhoring all the time.


First science practical session.
Scientist are us yoz!  

I could have blog much into details but I only started blogging at such a late timing
I'll blog again soon, I promise! 

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