Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekends update < 9TH&10TH OF MARCH >

Alright a quick update on what happen last weekend since I didn't blog for the entire week as I have nothing much to blog about, no photos too and also maybe I'm a little busy watching Korea drama. Just finish watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal and The Moon that Embraces the Sun, finish each of the drama in three days cause it's so damn nice to watch! Currently watching Fashion King now, not as nice so I watched it really slow.

Saturday went out for lunch with Jie and mama at West Coast's Astons, as always it's super nice and fulling! Then after that I went to Jurong Point alone to walk walk around since I'm so bored at home and me being so so lazy refuse to go exercise cause my weight now is constant and maintaining. 

Outfit Of The Day, TS collar lace top and Shorts, Skull bag. 

Sunday morning went to have breakfast with my lovely parents. Had a little chit chat with my mummy while walking back home. So I asked her whether if we're going to get my skirt at Linda Ahyi's place, it's been there for a month already! 

And yes, we went there to get my lovely leather skirt I bought from Hongkong that I forgotten to bring back. After that we headed back home to fetch Papa and then went to IMM for lunch and shopping! Went to some Hongkong cafe at first floor near BK there. The food there is not bad.

After lunch we went to Daiso to grap some stuff and walk walk see if there's anything new. After Daiso me and Jie separated from pa and ma. We went to the cute shop to see see look look, omg the hello kitty pillow cover is so adorable! Then went to Gaint to look for them, waited for them. When mama is in the queue to make payment, me and jie when to pay JI DAN ZAI. Tried the cheese one and it's so nice. Hais, didn't eat Ji Dan Zai when I was at Hongkong :( 

Reach home and went to take a nap


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