Sunday, June 23, 2013


Alright today is the last day of my Mid-Semester Vacation which means I wouldn't be blogging much already unless I have no assignments which is impossible since I have like two projects that my group have yet to start and it's gonna be July soon. In just two months time I'll be taking my Grade 7 Piano Practical Exam. Really need to practice everyday for at least an hour.

I'm pleased to say that my addiction for playing blackshot was long gone already since my bf doesn't wanna play with me anymore...... He just wanna play dota all day and night if he could he would, I'm so sure! Sad life I have but it's better this way I guess. I should use the time to revise school work and have enough sleep.

That's beside the point of this post.
The point I'm trying to convey over here is that do follow my instagram and twitter for daily updates of my life because I'm super active on instagram and I have like tons of photos and there'll be more and more videos up I guess hahaha! And also feel free to talk to me through too! 
UM...........that's quite about it so bye lovelies! 



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